Athletic Core Training


Athletic Core Training
Brought to you by Miami Heat strength and conditioning coach, Bill Foran, Athletic Core Training shows you the best core stability exercises for athletes and how to implement them into a training plan.

Unlock your athleticism by building a strong and stable core that allows the transfer of energy from the hips (which are the power generators) and minimize energy leaks in the kinetic chain.

Sit ups and hyperextensions work the core musculature, but do so at the expense of your athleticism and potentially your spinal health. Researchers have found that repeated flexion and extension may contribute to disc herniations and other injuries. Developing an athletic core that is stable in the right places and mobile in the right places will not only lead to increased power and athleticism, but you will also be more more resistant to injuries.

eBook includes:
Explanation of Core and Spinal Anatomy
Explanation of How to Integrate Exercises Into Your Program
Sample Training Weeks
Sample Progressions
94 of the Best Core Exercises
Thoracic Mobility Exercises
Anti Extension/Anterior Exercises
Posterior Exercises
Anti Lateral Flexion Exercises
Anti Rotation Exercises
BONUS - Power Exercises (Med Ball Toss Variations)

Benefits Include:
More Efficient Power Generation from Hips and Shoulders
Decreased Risk of Injury
Ability to Move and Resist Movement in All 3 Planes
Increased Thoracic Mobility
Increased Lumbar Stability
6 Pack Abs

Any athlete or gym goer looking to bulletproof your core and turn your body into an efficient machine should have this guide!